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Orange Fox Print Recycled Wee Cap


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What has a big fluffy tail, a pointy nose and ears? It’s a Fox! This Wee Cap is made from 100% recycled fabrics and features a hand-carved and printed fox print. One-of-a-kind, just like every fox out there.

Committed to ONE-OF-A-KIND.
Recaps is committed to keeping each and every hat we create unique, having no two that are the same, not even in our bulk and wholesale orders.  We can do this by using reclaimed material to print on and different ink colors. This is not only good for our planet by keeping hundreds of pounds of fabric out of our landfill, but the colors of fabrics are always changing. Between that and having each print printed by hand, no two hats can be the same. That being said, we will craft your order to be very close to the colors you choose, but there will be slight variances. That keeps your hat unique and like no other!
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