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About Us

Recaps: A Grassroots Hat Company

Recaps is certainly grassroots. It is all about capturing the joy we find in our daily pursuits. Recaps is small and have stayed committed to the lifestyle. We focus on creativity uniqueness and art. Each style of our one-of-a-kind hats is designed from the ground up. Outdoor-inspired images are hand-carved into blocks, and printed on recycled and reclaimed fabric.

Recaps was born from the desire to create a totally unique product that took a material destined for the landfill, and giving it a new unique value. After 10 years of operation, we currently operate out of the Eastside of the Cascade mountains, in Cashmere, WA.


Anneka Herndon

As owner, operator, and designer. She runs a more or less one-woman show. She has some local production help, however, she can be found behind the sewing machine whenever she's not playing in the mountains, or scavenging for cool new hat material. Recaps strives to bring color, and creativity to all who wear a Recap. Each one is as unique as the person who chooses it!

The Process


The Block Printing.

  1. Block printing is an art form that has been around for hundreds of years. It is one of the simplest techniques for printing and repeating an image. Hand carving away material to create relief that will take ink lends its self to a lot of creativity and a totally unique look that can not be achieved with any digital graphic design.  Whether its original artwork or a logo provided by a business, each block has a distinctive look that sets Recap hats apart. Between the ink color choice and adding bright and unique recycled fabrics, Recaps creates prints with no two ever being the same.

The Mini Brim.

Recaps created the mini brim 4 years ago. The original Recap was a cadet style hat with a shorter style brim made from all old clothing. When we started making trucker hats, Anneka wanted them to be a bit different, she envisioned them standing out among the millions of trucker hats on the market. She found that she could reshape the brim of a classic trucker hat, and create a signature style without moving too far from the classic trucker hat. The slight reshaping of the brim also lent itself to being trimmed with edge fabric that matches or compliments the print. Thus the Mini Brim trucker came to be.

Each hat is as unique as the person who wears it.

Recaps are designed from the ground up. Each hat feature a unique slightly shorter brim style. Not enough to stand out, but just enough to be different! Each block print is hand printed on reclaimed materials, so when ordering your hat, just know that print fabric color shade might vary, but that is the beauty of one-of-a-kind!!!

Committed to ONE-OF-A-KIND.
Recaps is committed to keeping each and every hat we create unique, having no two that are the same, not even in our bulk and wholesale orders.  We can do this by using reclaimed material to print on and different ink colors. This is not only good for our planet by keeping hundreds of pounds of fabric out of our landfill, but the colors of fabrics are always changing. Between that and having each print printed by hand, no two hats can be the same. That being said, we will craft your order to be very close to the colors you choose, but there will be slight variances. That keeps your hat unique and like no other!
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